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“Increase the Value of Your Home with an Elevator”

Once considered a luxury item reserved for larger executive homes, home elevators are becoming more common in multi-level homes. There are many practical reasons to consider installing a residential elevator in your home but it can also add value to your home if it is done with equipment that blends into the home and has low operational costs. Not all elevator products are created with these ideas in mind but RAM’s Crystal Home Elevators have always been built with quality, reliability and long term, low total cost of ownership in mind.

RAM has many standard finishes but if you can dream it we can build it! A sample of some of our more popular elevator FINISHES can be provided, but please also visit our BROCHURE for new and exciting finishes as we continue to update them regularly. In addition to our standard finish options RAM can do a number of other finishes on request for some examples see options that are available at the following Custom Laminate Link.

“If You can Dream it We Can Build it”

Why should you consider installing a Crystal Home Elevator?

There are many practical reasons to consider installing a residential elevator:

  • For many, it is the answer to the difficult choice of moving from one’s home because climbing the stairs has become too hard and a great way to add value to your home while aging in place
  • Installing a house elevator makes sense for those with special needs or who use a wheelchair so they can access their complete home
  • In-home elevators have a good load capacity, which makes them a safe, easy way to transport heavy goods, such as furniture, from floor to floor
  • A home elevator makes it so convenient to carry laundry or luggage from one level to upper levels
  • Many areas with high population density have 3 and 4 levels – an elevator can make this set up more efficient and easier to work with
  • A residential elevator increases your home’s value. It is a unique and desirable feature that actually boosts the marketability of your home when you are ready to sell

What do you need to consider when thinking about a home elevator?

RAM has been manufacturing the Crystal Elevator for 25 years, and we suggest you consider the following points in review:

Utility or Beauty

RAM can help you tailor your Crystal elevator to be a focal point in your home with stunning architectural features or it can be tucked away for seamless and simple use.


RAM products are designed to provide best in class availability of use. With options such as our “Tower of Power” we can also ensure that your Crystal Elevator is functional should your local power grid fail…don’t get stranded when it really counts.

New Build or Retrofit

More and more homes are being equipped with elevators so that people have options. In new builds options are limitless but in retrofits space constraints and foundations are critical. RAM offers a machine-room-less design based on a scaled down version of the most advanced commercial passenger elevators and has been doing so for over 20 years. This enables us to have one of the easiest to install elevators on the market. Total cost of installation is very important to consider when selecting an elevator for your home.


RAM builds every elevator to suit the application. Typical ranges in shaft needed can range from 52in x 52in up to 67in x 80in. Please see the technical section for details or inquiry with RAM


Total cost of ownership is critical. By design, RAM has one of the lowest maintenance offerings that still ensures safe operation during the entire lifecycle…..low maintenance with a focus on safety is the key to peace of mind. Ask us how we do it and we’ll be happy to spend the time with you so you can make an informed decision. You can also read about our proprietary guide rail system that keeps your home elevator running smoothly.

Travel Height

Crystal Home Elevators can work with travels up to 50ft


With our innovative and proven drive systems RAM can deliver one of the smoothest and quietest rides on the market. No matter the use quiet is always a sure sign of quality!

We custom-build your in-home elevator to fit within the space you have available. Your Crystal Elevator can be finished in a wide range of colours and styles to match or compliment your home’s décor. See our gallery for a few ideas about how a Crystal Elevator can be incorporated in to your home!

Why are Crystal Elevators the home elevator systems of choice?

Made to fit in any home – All Crystal Elevators from RAM Manufacturing are custom-built for your home. We build according to the space you have available and customize your house elevator to fit your completed shaft construction ensuring smooth installation every time.

Enjoy a quieter, more pleasant ride – Every RAM in-home elevator uses a Crystal Traction Sheave Drive for a quieter, cleaner and more efficient ride that has a lower total cost of ownership due to inherent design features that avoid wear on the most critical parts. We use a fully counter-balanced design and high efficiency components rather than hydraulics, which can give off unpleasant fumes in your home, and rather than winding-drum or geared-chain drives, which are prone to noisy, inefficient operation.

Easy maintenance – The electrical panel and all controls are easily accessed from within the elevator cab, eliminating the need for a separate machine room or control box. Guide system rollers are self-lubricating.

Fits in a standard 8’ floor-to-ceiling height – The Crystal elevator has a unique overhead motor and gearbox arrangement that requires no more than a standard 8’ floor-to-ceiling height, greatly improving planning and installation.

Sits even with floor  – Only the Crystal elevator delivers flush access without the need for a pit or 3” depression. This can be very advantageous if you are working with an existing home and need an elevator as it will save the expense of digging out a pit for other products on the market.

Saves money on overall project cost – The rigid guide rail structure, unique to the Crystal elevator system, allows for standard construction to be used. No special wall reinforcement is required, lowering the overall project cost.

Easy to install – All components of our in-home Crystal elevators fit through a standard door opening so your residential elevator can be installed after it is built, rather than building it in your home.

Works in a power outage – Millions of homes and businesses experience power outages that can last days or weeks caused by natural disasters such as hurricanes, ice storms and floods. The Ram Tower of Power is a unique 220V full battery backup, providing an unmatched 40 lift cycles on reserve power. It is a stand-alone product and can be added to any new or existing Crystal in-home elevator. Automatically switching between building power and battery power, it provides the highest level of power reliability and peace of mind. The Ram Tower of Power can also be used to back up other home appliances in time of need.

Your Crystal residential elevator will be there for you as long as you need it –  Designed to last, every Crystal elevator installed since 1990 is still working today!


  • Automatic Operation
  • 800lb capacity standard with up to 1400lb weight capacity possible
  • 37 ft/min travel speed standard with up 50 ft/min
  • True Traction Counter Weight Design – low power consumption!
  • 1 x 220V Single Phase, 20A  and 110V Single Phase, 15A power circuits required
  • Up to 50ft of travel available
  • Entry and Exit Styles Available: In-out Same Side, Adjacent Left or Right, Straight Through
  • No Machine Room Required (MRL)
  • Custom carriage sizes for each job

RAM elevators are designed to meet ASME A17.1/ CSA B44 safety standards when properly equipped. While they meet national standards, it is imperative to check State/ Provincial and Local code requirements before installing to ensure compliance. All State/ Provincial and Local compliance is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Carriage Gates – RAM offers 4 different carriage gate options that include white, black, transparent acrylic, and a perforated aluminum that has a very modern look and feel

Light Curtain – For those clients that would prefer not to open and close a carriage gate on a regular basis RAM also offers an infrared light curtain that can ensure safety during movement by stopping the elevator if any object extends through the opening of the elevator door.

Custom Laminate Finishes – although we have standard wall finish options we can source hundreds of laminates from our suppliers if you would like to try and match up with a specific look for your home. Additional charges may apply depending on the selection.

Multi-Side Entry/Exit – many people think that going in and out on the same side of an elevator is the only option. This is just not so. RAM can configure the Stratus™ with up to 3 openings.

Stainless Steel Kick Plates – laminates are durable materials but the lower part of the elevator where feet and objects bump in to the walls on a regular basis can get damaged over time. Adding a set of stainless steel kick plates 18in high can provide improved long term durability in these areas and it can look pretty sharp as well.

Custom Handrails – sometimes people like a hand rail to hold on to during the elevator travel. RAM regularly outfits our elevator products with hand rails in a few different metallic finishes. Please see our brochure for options.

Extended Warranty – RAM can offer extended warranties on parts. Our standard warranty is 1 year on parts but for additional charges we can offer extended warranties of 1, 2, 3, and 4 years.

Power Backup Systems – RAM’s Tower of Power (ToP) product can be easily added to the Stratus and you can see all the details of this robust and reliable system here.

Phone Systems – RAM can offer 2 way communication systems or a phone upon request.

Auto-Door Operators – are you concerned about being able to open and close doors? RAM can provide auto-door operators that are able to open, close and provide adjustable delays for those opening and closing cycles should you feel that is a benefit in your home.

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