Stratus™ Entry/ Exit Arrangements

Entry-Exit Arrangement

The Stratus™ can be configured with up to 3 sided access but in most cases the carriage will have 1 or two points of entry/exit.

Straight Through Carriage

Determine which side your tower is located. Always work from the bottom level up when configuring your lift. Use the face of a clock as a reference point.  Example: The bottom level, entering the lift – would be 6 o’ clock. The top level would be 12 o’ clock as you exit.



You can also configure the carriage as Same Side Entry/Exit. This will mean that the rider to exit on the same side they entered. Enter at 6 o’clock.  Exit at 6 o’clock. This is what most people think about when they think of commercial elevators they ride in everyday. This arrangement can also be configured where you enter and exit from the 9 o’clock position but this is less common.


Adjacent (90 degree)

Determine which side your tower is located. For this example the tower will be on our Right Side as we approach the elevator from the bottom level at 6 o’clock.  An adjacent arrangement would then require you to exit the elevator at 9 o’clock. Conversely if the tower was on your left (6 o’clock) the rider would exit at 3 o’clock.