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RAM has two home elevator product lines:  Crystal Home Elevators and Stratus Home Elevators

Crystal Home Elevator

Crystal Home Elevators

Stratus™ Home Elevator

Stratus Home Elevator Company

The Crystal Home Elevator is based on a traction counter weight design that is a scaled down version of commercial passenger elevators you ride in every day. There are many benefits to this type of design and hence their common use in commercial buildings. RAM has been using this technology extensively for over 25 years in our Crystal home elevators. If you’d like to know more please see the details on the Crystal Home Elevator page.

Our Second home elevator product line is called the Stratus™. This is a relatively new product offered by RAM but it is based on technologies we have been refining for decades. The whole purpose of offering the Stratus™ was to create a tailored product for residential applications where up to 14ft of travel was required but at a very competitive price. By creating a product with a focused specification RAM has been able to avoid building in costs. This makes elevators more attractive and accessible in more homes. To see more about this new evolution in home elevators please see the Stratus™ Home Elevator page.

RAM has had numerous prestigious installations and some of these can be seen in our gallery.

 If you’d like to talk about your specific needs please do contact us or call 1-800-563-4382 and one of our home elevator specialists will be happy to walk you through the details of what you need to consider and connect you with one of our many dealer partners across North America.