Commercial Lifts

For most applications a Commercial Trus-T-Lift Vertical Platform lift – is a safe and reliable consideration for church, school, or group home

Designed for use indoors or out, and able to lift 750 pounds to heights up to 14 feet, a RAM commercial vertical platform lift provides safe, dependable access for individuals who find it difficult to walk up or down the stairs.

A commercial vertical lift makes sense in public spaces for many reasons:

  • Your place of business, facility or organization has a high deck or stairs to access the building
  • There isn’t enough room for a ramp at the front entrance
  • You need to carry heavy items from floor to floor – and the building doesn’t have an elevator
  • The building is low rise, and installing an elevator isn’t practical
  • You have a stage or platform and require a commercial platform lift to assist people from time to time. Learn about our portable lift.
  • Your budget doesn’t allow for the installation of a commercial elevator

Commercial vertical platform lifts by RAM Elevators & Lifts Inc. are easy to Install and Maintain. Download our planning guide now.

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A lifts manufacturer for 25 years, RAM Elevators & Lifts Inc. has created a commercial platform lift designed to outperform the competition with many unique features:

Quiet, smoother ride

Our proprietary Trus-T-Lift geared belt drive means a pleasant ride for visitors, and less work for you. Other lifts use hydraulics, v-belts, chains or pulleys that are noisy, prone to failure and require more maintenance.

Easy-touch controls for all users

We care about accessibility. Our patented “Soft Touch” controls are the easiest to use in the commercial platform lift industry. The unique pivoting control pads require only a gentle touch to activate the lift, so it works for users of all ability levels.

Safely carries passengers

The RAM commercial lift is equipped with an emergency stop button, non-skid deck, and folding toe plate that acts as a ramp for easy exit and entry, and it flips up to help secure user or wheelchair when the lift is in motion.

Performs in any climate

Featuring the patented “Zero Load” Start system, the Ram commercial platform lift performs in extreme hot or cold. By allowing the motor to spin freely before picking up the load, the lift can successfully operate in -40ºC weather.

Easily maintained

Our commercial lift is maintenance made simple: the electrical panel and all controls can be accessed easily right from the platform and the guide system rollers are self-lubricating.

Works in a power outage

Millions of businesses experience power outages that can last days or weeks, caused by natural disasters such as hurricanes, ice storms and floods. The RAM Tower of Power is a unique full battery backup, providing an unmatched 40 lift cycles on reserve power. It is a stand-alone product and can be added to any new or existing TRUS-T-LIFT. Automatically switching between building power and battery power, it provides the highest level of power reliability and peace of mind.

Numerous options included a Patent Pending Side Access Manual Crank – want to make emergency option more easily accessible? Check out how this works and add this option to your Trus-T-Lift™ by talking with one of our customer support specialists or one of our dealer partners.

Check out our photo gallery to see how RAM’s Trus-T-Lift’s fit into any commercial space.

Can we help you design a lift just right for your commercial space? Talk to our sales representatives today.