Commercial Elevators – LULA

Low-cost, low-maintenance commercial elevators – providing multi-level access to your office or community building without the cost of a full Passenger Elevator

An elevator provides access to everyone visiting or working within schools, libraries, churches, multi-family housing or low-rise commercial buildings.

Commercial elevators can be custom-designed to fit the décor and spatial considerations of virtually any environment and are engineered to provide a safe, smooth and worry–free ride for anyone who finds it difficult to use the stairs.

A LULA elevator is a special type of elevator with its own section of the code that applies. To understand the limitation please take a look at our LULA brochure. If you are not sure whether you can use a LULA elevator in your building we have some guidance on where a LULA elevator is allowed. While the guidance we can provide will still need to be reviewed with your local authorities it might give you the direction you need to help address preliminary design considerations.

RAM LULA Brochure 


RAM LULA Elevators from RAM Elevators & Lifts Inc. make sense for Your Building

The RAM LULA Elevator from RAM Elevators & Lifts Inc., leading elevator manufacturers for 25 years, adds beautiful functionality to any building. We can custom-build your LULA elevator to fit within the commercial space you have available. It can be finished in a wide range of colours and styles to match or compliment the building’s décor. See our Gallery for just a few ideas.

Why are RAM LULA Elevators the elevator systems of choice?

Made to order – All Elevators from RAM Elevators & Lifts Inc. are custom-built to fit your completed shaft construction ensuring smooth installation every time.

Quieter than the competition – Every RAM LULA commercial elevator uses a Traction Sheave Drive for a quieter, cleaner and more efficient ride. We use a fully counter-balanced design and high efficiency components rather than hydraulics, which can give off unpleasant fumes, and rather than winding-drum or geared-chain drives, which are prone to noisy, inefficient operation.

Easy maintenance – The electrical panel and all controls are easily accessed from within the elevator cab, eliminating the need for a separate machine room or control box. Guide system rollers are self-lubricating.

Fits in a 134in Overhead Clearance – The elevator has a unique overhead motor and gearbox arrangement that requires reduced overhead clearance, greatly improving planning and installation.

Saves you money – The rigid guide rail structure, unique to the elevator system, allows for standard construction to be used. No special wall reinforcement is required, lowering the overall project cost.

Works in a power outage – The Ram Tower of Power is a unique 220V full battery backup, providing an unmatched 40 lift cycles on reserve power. It is a stand-alone product and can be added to any new or existing commercial elevator. Automatically switching between building power and battery power, it provides the highest level of power reliability and peace of mind for you and those who use it.

Every LULA commercial elevator is built for life-  Designed to last, RAM has elevators installed since 1990 that are still working today! RAM utilizes our proprietary guide rail system in every elevator we make and this creates long term stability and ride quality.


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