Commercial Wheelchair Lifts

Commercial Wheelchair Lifts provide access to commercial buildings for everyone

If you have a high level deck or even just a few steps leading to your front or back door, those in wheelchairs are facing restricted access to your commercial building.

A simple and inexpensive commercial wheelchair lift is an affordable solution. It requires less space than a ramp, and is easy to install and configure to your deck or porch.

Engineered by Ram Elevators & Lifts Inc., a leading wheelchair lift manufacturer for 25 years, these ADA-compliant vertical platform wheelchair lifts can be installed outdoors or indoors by a local dealer, and are designed to be completely resistant to the harshest weather conditions.

Compare our great features to other commercial handicap lift solutions:

Smooth, silent ride

Your visitors are ensured a pleasant ride thanks to our proprietary Trust-T-Lift direct drive, which is very quiet and requires minimal maintenance.

Easy-touch controls for all passengers

A gentle touch is all it takes to operate the wheelchair lift, so it works for users of all ability levels.

Safely carries wheelchair users

Our commercial wheelchair lift is equipped with an emergency stop button, non-skid deck, and folding toe plate that acts as a ramp for easy exit and entry and flips up to help secure the wheelchair when the lift is in motion.

Performs in any climate

Featuring the patented Zero Load Start system, the Ram commercial platform lift performs in extreme hot or cold. It lift can successfully operate in -40ºC weather.

Easily maintained

The electrical panel and all controls can be accessed easily right from the platform and the guide system rollers are self-lubricating.

Can fit any deck configuration

The commercial wheelchair vertical lift can be adjusted to provide straight-through access or side access. An upper gate can be fitted to your deck to allow access through a deck bannister.

Plugs into a regular outlet

Plug it into a regular electrical outlet and it’s ready to use!

No power – no worries

The RAM Tower of Power is a unique full battery backup, providing an unmatched 40 lift cycles on reserve power. It is a stand-alone product and can be added to any new or existing commercial wheelchair lift. Automatically switching between building power and battery power, it provides the highest level of power reliability and peace of mind.

Even works in a flood

The flood-proof technology protects all electrical and mechanical systems located above the top floor level.

Can we help you with a commercial wheelchair lift for your commercial space? Talk to our sales representatives today.

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