Commercial Products

Commercial elevators and lifts for improving accessibility in public spaces

Everyone should be able to move freely in public places. Commercial elevators and wheelchair lifts can help ensure that all visitors to places of worship, schools, office buildings, medical and dental care clinics, cultural and recreational centres and more have the freedom to access all levels of these buildings.

For over 30 years, RAM Elevators & Lifts Inc. has been engineering code-complaint lifts and elevators that meet strict commercial building code specifications.

We are associated with dealers across North America, and are able to custom-build a specialized elevator or lift to suit your requirements, and have it installed by a local dealer.


When does a “Lift” look like an Elevator?

Due to the way certain codes and standard are laid out it can be confusing when considering an elevating device for a commercial application. RAM has two main platforms that allow us to configure several products that meet all applicable codes while helping you save money in applications with limited height, weight to be lifted and frequency of use…..what ever you do, don’t get caught spending literally 10’s of thousands of dollars you didn’t need to spend. Ask us about how our LULA elevators, B355 lifts for commercial buildings and our Trus-T-Lift Commercial packages can help you with your application today and we’ll help you determine if you can save money but still get all the accessibility and code requirements you desire.


Can a commercial lift accommodate a stretcher?

This can be a complex question depending on where your building or project is located. RAM has been working with lifts and code authorities across North America for 30 years and the landscape continues to evolve in order to provide cost effective, safe, accessibility options. In order to provide some guidance on our experience please see our article on stretcher ready lifts. At the end of the day, if you are considering a project where you would like to avoid a full commercial passenger elevator but still make it stretcher ready RAM can provide drawings and design specs that you should get approved by your local building code and elevator branch prior to starting the project. Contact us anytime and one of our specialists will help to provide the RAM product documentation you need to start working with your local authorities.


Learn more about our commercial products:

Commercial LULA Elevators  – smooth, elegant carriages that can carry up to 1400 pounds and travel up to 25 feet at 30 feet per minute.

Commercial Trus-T-Lift™  – an economical, safe solution for exterior and interior use

Commercial Traction Lift – An elegant and economical solution for accessibility that meets ADA standards for accessibility in commercial buildings.

Portable lift – ideal for periodic use to enable access as needed

We have a commercial elevator or lift product just right for anyone facing mobility challenges that requires access to your organization or place of business. Talk to our highly knowledgeable service representatives to discuss your needs today.