Swing Away Door Hinges – A great Addition for Accessibility

This article was published recently and shows how some simple ideas can save big $$$ while still creating improved accessibility.


“Swing-away off-set door hinges are a great way to increase the clearance space of a door for a wheelchair without the expense of reconstruction to widen the doorway.  Widening a doorway even just a few inches can cost anywhere from $700.00-$1,500.00 depending on if the door is in a load-bearing wall, it’s an interior or exterior door, or if electrical will need to be rerouted.

A great solution to widening a door without incurring extensive construction costs are swing-away off-set hinges.  But with anything you do for accessibility either do it right or don’t do it.  So here are some tips and solutions for when you run into difficulty.  As John says, ‘nothing is ever simple all you can hope for is straight forward.”