RAM Elevators and Lifts – Dealer Partner Newsletter
July 2014

Getting closer by the week.

The 65th Annual NAEC Convention and Exposition in San Antonio Texas. September 10 – 11 2014, is going to be an exciting time for RAM. We will be introducing our New Elevator at that time. We hope to see many of you there.


It’s all about the name!

As you may recall, we held a survey last month to determine the name of the newest addition to our product line. We thank all of you for participating in the survey. There was a clear winner after the votes were tallied.

Drum roll please……. Introducing the RAM Stratus!

It’s been fun getting ready for the launch of the Stratus. Everyone has been working real hard to bring this concept to fruition. As they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Having said that we told you last month to watch for teaser video prior to the product launch. Here is the link to the first one. We couldn’t resist a bit of tongue in cheek just to make things interesting.  Watch it here –


Time really does fly.

Can you believe that a year ago we were busy getting ready for another product launch? That’s right. One year ago we released the Trus -T-Lift 750. The feedback over the year has been tremendous and we greatly appreciate everyone’s involvement in making the 750 a huge success.


Help us to Help you.

We get the opportunity to speak to many of you during the course of the week. I always come away from those conversations having learned something new. Once in a while I discover that not all of you have installed some of the Trus -T-Lift configurations we offer. Trying to explain certain procedures over the phone isn’t always easy. Without a visual reference a particular installation step may not make sense. I found a solution for that. We have step by step video instructions in the dealer section of our web site. I find it easier to work with you on the phone and then together we can go through the process. A simple effective method of answering your questions and I enjoy taking the time with you. You’d be surprised  how many additional questions are generated by going through the videos together. So much so that I have gathered new topics for future videos. You can also call these videos up for reference on your cell phone if you are having issues while on site. You can see these videos by logging on to our dealer section located here –


A Lifetime.

Did you know that all RAM products come with Lifetime support? Yes, it’s true. We regularly get calls from clients that purchased some of the first Trus -T-Lifts ever made. Each caller gets the same service and support that new owners get on their RAM products. That’s not about to change either. We are proud to stand behind the lift you purchase. After all, your reputation and ours are important to maintain.


Just for a bit of fun here is a little bit of humor from the RAM team.

elevator humor


As always, if you have any questions or you want to talk about your local business challenges, give us a call!


The RAM Sales Team