RAM Side Access Manual Crank for Trus-T-Lift™

“Patent Pending Design”

RAM has been designing and building vertical platform lifts to help people with mobility challenges for over 25 years and we are constantly innovating and improving our products. We continue this tradition with the launch of this new, patent pending, side access manual crank option that makes it easier than ever to manual crank your Trus-T-Lift 750.

TTL Lift Manual Crank
RAM has always believed in continuously improving our products to ensure they are as reliable and competitive as possible. We recently did a major update to the Trus-T-Lift™ to increase its load capacity to 750lb from the previous rating of 550lb. We also took the opportunity to create a whole new drive system for this product and after rigorous testing we now know it is one of the best designs we have ever been able to provide.

That being said, one piece of feedback we received was that the manual crank arrangement, that is required to meet safety codes, was not as easily accessible as that on the pervious 550lb capacity model.

To respond to this feedback RAM is now able to offer an optional side access manual crank arrangement that will allow you to operate the manual crank in case of power failure by directly acting on the main drive screw from the side of the lift at the top landing.

This upgrade can also be applied to any previous purchase through a retrofit kit for a Trus-T-Lift™ 750.

While this is an optional upgrade we would encourage you to see how affordable it can be by letting us help you get a tailored quote today.

How does the Side Access Manual Crank Work?

TTL | Home Lift Manual Crank

  • Our drive system is based on a technology that will not have a reduced load capacity as your lift ages. Just check out our video on the drive system we use
  • By utilizing an ACME screw design RAM’s wheelchair lift is inherently safe. Some competitors do not even use fundamental safety features that are part of national codes. If you are not sure about a product you just ask one of our specialists and we promise to give you a fair and balanced perspective so you know what you are dealing with.
  • With the Side Access Manual Crank option included the cover no longer has to be removed to operate the manual crank.
  • To engage and operate you simply have to push in on the input shaft and start turning in the desired direction to lower or raise the lift platform.
  • Due to the inclusion of a reduction gearbox in the effort required to move the lift is very low and a simple mechanical ratchet or cordless drill can be used to operate it with a 3/8in square drive bit.
  • An enlarged top cap houses the entire assembly that includes a gear box and a pivoting plate that can directly engage the main drive hub of the lift. This means that even if the belt were to break the manual crank will still operate the main drive screw.
  • By putting this assembly on a pivot with a biasing spring the manual crank is not engaged all the time and this prevents premature wear of the device – this means it will be ready for use in the future if you should need it and won;t wear out during normal electrically powered operations
  • This assembly can be arranged to be on either side of the tower so that it is accessible from the top landing.
  • An extension will come with a lift outfitted with this upgrade should it be intended to be placed in an enclosed shaftway. This will enable operation from outside the shaftway.

Are you totally lost or confused? Let us help make it easy….just send us a note or request a quote. Even if you aren’t sure on every point we’ll help you sort out what your best option is….even if we have to refer you to another product that we don’t make.