Enclosed Lifts

Enclosed lifts keep you safe and secure for larger travel heights

Enclosed Trus-T-Lift™ platform lifts are ideal for wheelchair or scooter users who want to move from one floor of their house to another. Installation is quick and economic, providing wheelchair users with instant access to upper and lower levels.

An enclosed platform lift saves you money and time

One of the best advantages to installing an enclosed wheelchair lift is the cost-savings. In comparison to installing an elevator, enclosed platform lifts provide the same great service without having to dig and install an elevator shaft, which takes considerable time and money.

Enclosed lifts protect you from the elements outside

Enclosed platform lifts are also used outdoors. Easily attached to decks and verandahs, an enclosed lift will keep you warm and dry while getting you to multiple outdoor levels like second-floor decks and walk-out landings.

Call RAM Elevators & Lifts Inc. to discuss the best access options available for you, such as a Trust-T-Lift™ Enclosed Vertical Lift.

Enclosed Lifts

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