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Where Does RAM have Dealer Partners?

RAM has an extensive Dealer Partner Network in North America. Click on the map to see where we have coverage at the moment.

Home lifts – Helping to take you behind closed doors

In recent years, removing accessibility barriers for individuals with mobility challenges has become more important to keep our aging population independently mobile and engaged with the communities they love.

With a Trus-T-Lift™ home lift, porches, verandahs and upper levels in homes can become accessible for persons in wheelchairs or scooters, or anyone who has trouble walking up and down stairs.

See the news section for information on RAM’s new Trus-T-Lift with a 750lb capacity!

or See the TTL750 Brochure here.

Looking For funding sources in the USA or funding sources in Canada  there are also various societies such as Easter Seals, RAMP, March of Dimes to help fund your need?


Residential lifts – Affordable solutions for your home

A suitable and affordable solution that helps to keep seniors in their own homes longer is to consider installing a custom house lift. Vertical platform lifts can be positioned to service interior or exterior stairwells. Porch lifts and vertical platform lifts can be installed outdoors to help people with physical difficulties come in to or exit their home.


A Trus-T-Lift™ platform lift can allow you to stay in your own home

Steep stairs or confined spaces can hinder you from getting where you’d like to go or force you out of the home you love. RAM Manufacturing will help you select the ideal personal home lift so that you maintain your independence with direct access to the space you require and the rooms you enjoy most. Whether you are in a wheelchair, have trouble with stairs or are operating a scooter RAM can help you with your accessibility challenges.


Compact design that’s attractive and functional

The design and appeal of a home lift is more attractive and compact than that of traditional ramps, which require significant space and a large footprint for a slow-graded incline. Vertical lifts are smaller and elevate or lower to the exact height required to safely deliver the user from ground to upper deck or from floor to floor. With power back up solutions and simple design the reliability of RAM lifts is second to none.


Smooth, reliable rides with little maintenance needed

Each of our Trus-T-Lift™ vertical lifts are designed to provide smooth, efficient and quiet rides. Our Trus-T-Lift Direct Drive technology is quieter than other lifts which use hydraulics, belts, chains or pulleys resulting in a nosier ride. Alternative drive systems also require more maintenance to keep the lift in good working order. Trus-T-Lifts need very little maintenance and are designed to last. RAM is a leader in considering the total cost of ownership for these types of products.


A home lift for every space

Nearly any home can be optimized for ideal accessibility. From front landings and back steps, RAM can help deliver ideal solutions so that you’re not prevented from accessing the areas you’d like to use in your home.

If your school or organization needs a platform lift occasionally, our portable lifts can help. Built on wheels, it can be stored away and easily set up near a stage or other elevated platform as needed.

Contact RAM Manufacturing to learn more about the benefits of Trus-T-Lift™ residential lifts designed to fit your home and enhance your independence.