Crystal Home Elevator Finish Options and Doors

Interior Panel Finishes

RAM can offer numerous interior finishes for our elevator carriages. We know this is potentially a significant accent feature as well as a utility for your home and we like to give you options to match up with the look and feel you want to achieve in your home. The following are a set of standard options that we have found to be quite popular but we can also source hundreds of other options if you don’t see something you like below:


IMG_8572 - cropped


1. White
2. Contour White
3. Hardrock Maple
4. Noce Como
5. Burma Cherry
6. Autumn Glow
7. Brazilian Walnut
8. Libretti




Although our Home Elevators are very smooth in operation some people really like the look of hand rails and for those with mobility or balance issues they can be a great idea to add to your home elevator. The following are some options we have available for hand rails at this time.

Handrail Collage

Stainless Steel


Entry/ Exit Safety Devices

RAM has 3 main options for how we can ensure that passengers are kept safe during the movement from floor to floor. Depending on your comfort factor or the look you are trying to achieve one may appeal more than the others.

  • Light Curtain – if you want to know more about how these work please see this link on Wikipedia
  • Accordian Folding Gates – this are basically solid barriers that keep passengers inside the carriage and will lock in to place during the movement from floor to floor. There are numerous finishes that are available and they can be found at this link but we think the perforated aluminum is particularly attractive. An image of this can be seen here.
  • Sliding Doors – just like most elevators you see in high rise buildings RAM can add sliding doors to your home elevator if you like the look and feel of that option. An example of that type of door can be seen here or lower down in the door options on this page.



For Home Elevators RAM offers two types of buttons, stainless steel and bronze. Both buttons are illuminated when the cab is powered.


Control Panel Finishes

Carriage Control Panel Options

Door Options

RAM can offer 3 main door options for your home.

The first is a standard “swing door” that you or your contractor can supply so that it matches with the rest of your home and make your elevator fit in with your home.

The second option is one that is more frequently offered on commercial applications where there are tight hallways and no room for a swing door. If you have a tight space this could still be used in a home.

The third option is a sliding door – just like what you would see in a commercial passenger elevator. These are really the highest end doors and can really give your elevator a high end look and feel.

Door Options

Swing Door*
Bi-Fold Door
2 Panel Sliding Door**


*Swing doors typically supplied by end user to match the home
**Standard finish is beige with stainless steel as an upgrade. Custom finishes are available but need to discussed with RAM’s suppliers.