People Changing the way they view mobility challenges – Very Inspiring!

Here at RAM we certainly see our share of stories and, like many companies that are in the business we are, our company was originally founded to fill a need for a family member of the founder.


From the very start, RAM has been a business but we also like to think we are helping people live fuller lives with the products we offer and stories like the one at the following link inspire us to keep doing what we are doing. We certainly aren’t doing projects and designs that are as advanced as the ones they describe but with a long history of engineering innovation here at RAM we really do love technology and how it can help people.


Enjoy the story… favorite was the surfing prosthetic!



Carriage Gate vs. Light Curtain on an Elevator

A common inquiry that RAM receives is: “What safety features are included in my residential elevator?”.

This is an important question as unlike commercial elevators, residential elevators in most North American jurisdictions are not legally required to meet any specific code and are not required to be inspected upon turn-over to the end user.

It is wise to inform yourself on the safety features that are available as your home elevator will transport your life’s most precious cargo…….family, friends and pets.

There are codes that give guidance on what safety features are best practice but it is up to the home owner to decide what they want and this leads to numerous possibilities.

Just because an elevator is not equipped with all the suggested features in a safety code document does not make it “illegal” it simply means that the elevator does not conform to that particular code.

RAM offers two options for protecting users at the entrance/ exit point to the carriage. These are in addition to the door safety interlocks that prevent the door at a particular landing from being opened if the carriage is not in the appropriate location.

The first option is a Light Curtain. This device essentially shuts the elevator down if the infrared laser beam web/curtain is disrupted by any object. This device also shuts the elevator down if power is removed from the device. This is what the industry would call a “fail safe” condition. Similar devices are used in many machine safety applications.

The second option is a folding carriage gate. This is a physical barrier rather than an electronic one and accomplishes the same function…namely keeping hands, feet and anything else inside the carriage during movement.

From a safety code perspective, the carriage gate option is best practice but in practical terms many people do not like having to open and close the carriage gate repeatedly and opt for the light curtain.


RAM can provide either option and if a consumer wishes to comply fully with a national or local code RAM would be happy to help ensure that this is done.


The governing national codes for Canada and the USA are harmonized and the document reference is CSA B44/ASME A17.1.”  It should be noted that some local jurisdictions may have additional requirements to the national codes and should be consulted when planning a residential elevator for your home.


RAM Trus-T-Lift™ Vertical Platform Lift Reviewed for Compliance in California

Elevating devices, such as Vertical Platform Lifts for people in wheelchairs or with mobility challenges, have significant code and regulation in North America. Although there are many manufacturers of this kind of equipment very few work in the commercial building space as this then requires a designer/ manufacturer to work with a extensive set of individual jurisdictions that often have their own set of requirements in addition to the National Safety Code requirements outlined in ASME A18.1.


California has always been a state that values inclusiveness for those people with mobility challenges but at the same time is has some special requirements for these types of products.


RAM is happy to announce that our Trus-T-Lift™ product has received a positive review for compliance with the national and state requirements for commercial lift installations. This essentially means that the elevating authority for the state of California has reviewed the design we have been making for over 25 years and agrees that we can meet the requirements of California if the lift is installed according to the specifications we have submitted.


As with any commercial lift, an inspection to ensure that the installation is safe and in compliance is required but, this will streamline the use of RAM’s products in the state and ensure that our dealer partners can move forward with confidence in any projects they use our product on.


If you, as a building owner/ designer/ architect/ or commercial business are considering accessibility needs in California please contact us today and we will be happy to discuss how we can help you and put in touch with one of our knowledgeable and responsive dealer partners in your area.


Edmonton Journal Article: Built for Freedom

Although RAM has been offering our elevating products for years it is always great to hear stories where we have been a small part of helping them achieve freedom and independence.

Joel Kleine in his barrier free home with a RAM Crystal Home ElevatorA recent article in the Edmonton Journal highlighted a project that a local architect, Ron Wickman, worked on that incorporated one of RAM’s Crystal Home Elevators. Ron specializes in barrier free design and this is not the first time Ron has specified a RAM product for one of his projects.


The owners could not be more pleased and apparently, “Joel’s favourite feature in the house is the elevator.” The elevator is “discreetly hidden behind interior doors and is large enough should Joel need a power wheelchair or a caregiver to travel with him.”

(Photo by John Lucas, Edmonton Journal)

If you’d like to see the whole story please visit the Edmonton Journal site at:


Loooking for Funding on a Vertical Lift?

In many cases, all that stands between a person with mobility challenges having a more active life in their community is funding. There are numerous societies such as Easter Seals, March of Dimes, United Spinal Association, and numerous others that help people in need but there are also many programs that are less known.

Programs also change ad get updated.

If you are looking for potential funding sources to enable you or a loved one to get back in to the community the following link may prove useful. It has numerous filters to nail down what funding sources are available for specific aides and also for state.

Funding Link


What Baby Boomers’ Retirement Means For the U.S. Economy

An interesting article that may impact your business…worth a read.


Another Example of How A RAM Trus-T-Lift Can Help!

We were extremely happy to see this example of our Trus-T-Lift™ Vertical Platform Lift (VPL) helping an Airdrie, AB resident with MS.


RAM works with Easter Seals as well as other agencies across Canada and the USA on a regular basis. As seems to be common for companies like ours, who have been in this business for a long time, our business got started due to a family encounter with a mobility challenge and we really like to hear stories about how our products truly change people’s quality of life.


RAM Launches Commercial Traction Lift (CT-Lift)

RAM has been designing and manufacturing elevating devices for distribution across North America for over 25 years.

Most recently RAM has created a new product line to specifically cater to the commercial building environment where accessibility with a lift device can also be attractive and meet architectural needs.

RAM has adapted its extremely reliable and energy efficient Traction Drive System to be the backbone of the CT-Lift product line and this means that the CT-Lift can, where allowed by code, lift up to 1400lb and have travel distances up to 23ft.

In many ways this product looks like an elevator but it has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of ASME A18.1 and CSA B355 codes so that it can offer an elegant looking product that costs significantly less than a commercial elevator or a LULA Elevator for both initial installation and operational/ maintenance costs.

If this sounds interesting please take a look at the offering by visiting the CT-Lift product page , Requesting a CT-Lift Quote or just take a look at the brochure


RAM Lift with Custom Installation Example

This recent installation of a RAM Trus-T-Lift™ shows how you can truly make it part of your home’s look and feel. RAM coated the lift in a custom color for this customer in Texas so that it would blend in with the wood textures of his home.


He did a fabulous job building the shaft around the lift and getting all the safety devices connected to ensure safe operations.


Gus Texas - whole home

Gus - Texas Upper Landing


New Site for RAM’s Dealer Partner Canadian Accessibility in Ontario

RAM is happy to see our dealer partners developing their presence in Ontario, CA. One of our newer partners has just launched an updated website that looks great and highlights our products. We’d like to say congratulations to Kris Foley from Canadian Accessibility on his website launch!



If you want to have a look the site is at