Interesting Glass Traction Accessibility Lift Project with Uppercut Elevators

This is another great example of the quality work being done by Uppercut Elevators in conjunction with the RAM Commercial Traction Lift (CT-Lift) product. There are a few interesting things about this project but the shaft construction is a real highlight.

This project is located in Calgary at Southland Court and has a number of aspects. For one, the exterior of the shaft they constructed is a really beautiful addition to the building and we’re proud to have our product included as part of their accessibility plan.

They have also included the RAM Bi-Fold Door product. This product has a very low swing dimension that makes it a really nice option for tight spaces and in this case it was equipped with stainless steel skins to provide long life and a great appearance.

The Commercial Traction Lift (CT-Lift) is a full traction counter weight design that is also machine roomless and has a minimal pit requirement of 3in. This is very low and for retrofit projects this can be a substantial point of consideration.