Manufacturing Seal of Excellence

RAM Manufacturing Ltd., is pleased to celebrate their earned 2015 “Seal of Excellence” from the Manufacturing Centre of Excellence (MCE.)


Specifically, RAM Manufacturing Ltd. has dramatically increased their ability to compete after investing in new equipment, related training and a team approach that has improved production capabilities by reducing inefficiency within their related processes.


Through increased efficiency, RAM Manufacturing ltd.has increased the value they provide their existing customers, and new customers and opportunities are developing as a result, both within local and export markets.


“We are so proud with how our staff have embraced the investment we made in new technology and related training. It’s been exciting to see how we’ve been able to dramatically reduce the time and resources needed to support our existing customers, and to see the new ideas and innovation that has resulted,” said Calvin Austrom, Operations Manager for RAM Manufacturing Ltd.


“I am thrilled to present RAM Manufacturing Ltd. with their earned MCE seal of excellence for productivity improvement. I’m fortunate to have been able to link them with resources and like-minded leaders that were able to assist in their continuous improvement journey,” shared Gary Loblick, MCE Project Manager.