Alberta Government Increases RAMP Grant Funding Limits

For those people with mobility challenges outfitting your home can be a daunting financial expenditure. The Alberta government has a grant program called RAMP (Residential Access Modification Program).


Recently the Alberta government increased the limits of these grants and details can be found a the following link:


RAMP Program


Funding is only one part of the picture of course and working with credible people who understand your challenges is important as well. One of Alberta’s long established architects who has worked extensively with these types of project is Ron Wickman. RAM has cooperated with Ron on numerous projects over the years and we would highly recommend him in the design stages.


RAM also works with home medical equipment companies here in Alberta that distribute our products but also a wide variety of other products and services that you may need to consider. Working with a  reputable home medical equipment company that is truly looking to provide for your needs today and tomorrow as well as the service you will likely require is important. Companies that RAM works with are well experienced with the RAMP program and will also be able to assist in assessing your needs. Contact us today if you’d like to know who we work with in your area.