RAM Launches Commercial Traction Lift (CT-Lift)

RAM has been designing and manufacturing elevating devices for distribution across North America for over 25 years.

Most recently RAM has created a new product line to specifically cater to the commercial building environment where accessibility with a lift device can also be attractive and meet architectural needs.

RAM has adapted its extremely reliable and energy efficient Traction Drive System to be the backbone of the CT-Lift product line and this means that the CT-Lift can, where allowed by code, lift up to 1400lb and have travel distances up to 23ft.

In many ways this product looks like an elevator but it has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of ASME A18.1 and CSA B355 codes so that it can offer an elegant looking product that costs significantly less than a commercial elevator or a LULA Elevator for both initial installation and operational/ maintenance costs.

If this sounds interesting please take a look at the offering by visiting the CT-Lift product page , Requesting a CT-Lift Quote or just take a look at the brochure