Just for our partners

As a valued Dealer Partner RAM is always looking at ways to support you and your team more effectively. As our company ages so too does the equipment we have in the field. In some cases the equipment could be as old as 25 years.

As you might imagine we have a great deal of equipment in the field and it keeps growing. Our top priority is to help dealer that are working with relatively new equipment as this is part of our comprehensive technical support for both dealers and end users during the warranty period. If you are not sure what the warranty period is for your equipment please get in touch with RAM and we would be happy to help determine that.

With so much equipment in the field RAM technical support has started to become a little constrained. In order to ensure that we support newer equipment effectively we have had to establish some guidelines on the level of support we are able to offer on older equipment free of charge. We hope to ensure that the technical support we do provide is best in class and as part of that we need to recover some costs on equipment that is dated and may require extensive time and effort to support.

RAM endeavors to keep these charges to a minimum at all times while ensuring that we support the people who use our equipment.

Our guidelines relating to the support we offer to our dealers in regards to our products is outlined I the following table. Please note that this is only likely to affect lifts older than 5 years of age and is superior to our policy for end users as we try to drive those customers to work with you, our dealers for service and maintenance as well as replacement parts:

Dealer Support Guidelines Image

If you have questions or concerns on our support guidelines please get in touch with our sales team we would be happy to discuss it with you.